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No "Glee" in Tooth Grinding

Sure, it’s big news when celebs tweet selfies from the dental office… if you’re still living in the 20th century. But in Hollywood today, it’s harder to say who Read More

What You Should Know About a Veneer Procedure

Find out if getting porcelain veneers in Honolulu is the right treatment option for you. It’s amazing how much a healthy smile says about you. About 63 percent of people think Read More

Is Traditional Flossing too Difficult? Consider Water Flossing

A critical part of effective, daily oral hygiene, flossing removes bacterial plaque from between teeth that can’t be accessed with brushing. Unfortunately, it’s often neglected — string flossing requires Read More

What Dental Device Does TV Host Vanna White Keep on her Nightstand?

Here's an interesting tidbit of information on Wheel of Fortune host Vanna White: like many people, she grinds her teeth at night. In a detailed interview with Dear Doctor Read More

Is a CEREC Dental Crown Considered a Restorative or Cosmetic Dental Service?

  The 21st century has seen the development of great dental advancements -- and it’s hard to find a more amazing one than CEREC technology. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration Read More

Extracting Wisdom Teeth Now May Prevent Dental Problems Later

The reason for extracting a tooth may be all too obvious — the tooth is too decayed or damaged to attempt saving. The reason for extracting a wisdom tooth, Read More

America's (Dentists) Got Talent - for Fixing Damaged or Missing Teeth!

A recent episode of “America’s Got Talent” featured an engaging 93-year-old strongman called The Mighty Atom Jr. The mature muscleman’s stunt: moving a full-sized car (laden with his Read More

What is CEREC

State-of-the-art technology promises a flawless dental crown in a single visit.   It’s surprisingly common for people to have a damaged tooth due to untreated decay or trauma. About 15 million Americans Read More

Oral Care Tips for your Toddler

Caring for a young child can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes, it may feel like you can't read enough books to learn the correct way to do everything from Read More

5 Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Everyone wants the perfect smile; however, not everyone is born with one. If you are weighing cosmetic dentistry in Honolulu to see what treatment is right for you, here are Read More

Fixing Adult Teeth Is No Mission Impossible - Just Ask Tom Cruise!

It's no surprise that plenty of teenagers go in for an orthodontic evaluation and come out wearing braces. But sometimes, an observant orthodontist may notice that an adult's smile Read More

4 Tips to Help you Quit the Smoking Habit

It’s been widely established for decades that cigarette smoking contributes to cancer and heart disease. But did you know smoking will also increase your risk of tooth decay and Read More

Beginners Guide: Invisalign

What is one of the leading brands in the field of orthodontics? It’s Invisalign—the in-demand aligner for a clear solution to malocclusion. The aligners are invisible and removable, and the Read More

Herbal Supplements: Do You Have to Tell Your Dentist?

If you’ve come in to our office lately, chances are you’ve been asked to fill out a form or answer a question about what medications — both prescription and Read More

For Michael Buble, the Show Must Go On... Even Without the Tooth

What happens if you’re right in the middle of a song, in front of an arena full of fans… and you knock out a tooth with your microphone? If Read More

4 Treatments To Achieve Your Perfect Smile

You’ve been thinking about making some changes to your smile but you’re not sure what you want to do. All you know is that you’re tired of noticing those little Read More

Viewing 289 - 304 out of 321 posts


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