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By Ken Yasuhara, DDS - Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry
July 16, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

If you feel as though your damaged, broken, or worn smile is sub-par, restoring it can give your confidence the boost it needs to look great dental crownsand feel even better. In the past, dental restorations like crowns or bridges required several weeks and the help of a dental laboratory before their completion. CEREC, a technology widely used by modern dentists, skips the laboratory step completely and allows your dentist to design and create dental restorations right in their office. Find out more about CEREC and how it can benefit you with Dr. Ken Yasuhara in Honolulu, HI.

What is CEREC?
A CEREC dental restoration system allows your dentist to design and create porcelain dental restorations like crowns and bridges right inside their office rather than outsourcing it to a dental laboratory. CEREC is a system which uses a special wand to create a 3D model of your mouth rather than an old-fashioned clay impression, CAD/CAM technology to design the restoration to your mouth’s specifications, and a machine which utilizes laser technology to carve the restoration from a block of ceramic. From there, your dentist will put the finishing touches on the restoration and place it on your tooth. The entire process has a wait time of only about an hour.

Can I benefit from CEREC? 
In the past, dentists had to rely on a dental laboratory to design and create restorations by hand, a process which took about two weeks. Patients would need an appointment before and after these two weeks to complete their restoration. However, CEREC saves you time, money, and stress by combining the process into a single, simple dental visit. CEREC cuts out the laboratory step completely, including its wait times and fees. CEREC only uses the highest quality materials and ensures that you leave your dentist’s office with a full, natural-looking smile.

CEREC Restorations in Honolulu, HI
If you think you can benefit from CEREC porcelain dental restorations, you should consult with your dentist to ensure that this treatment is right for you. Ask about CEREC dental restorations at your next routine dental examination and cleaning. For more information on CEREC, please contact Dr. Ken Yasuhara in Honolulu, HI. Call (808) 947-8900 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Yasuhara today!

By Ken Yasuhara, DDS - Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry
October 31, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Have you been thinking about replacing missing teeth with dental implants but aren't sure if they're the best option for you? Our Honolulu, dental implantsHI, dentist, Dr. Ken Yasuhara, shares a few benefits that may help you make your decision.

The only total total replacement option

Bridges, dentures and dental implants all offer effective ways to replace missing teeth, but only dental implants offer a complete restoration. Bridges and dentures only restore the part of the tooth visible above your gums, while dental implants rebuild your tooth from the root up. When you opt for a dental implant, a titanium implant will be added to your jawbone. The implant acts as a synthetic root and supports a lifelike crown.

Osseointegration is the key to the success of dental implants. Implants are made of titanium, a lightweight metal that osseointegrates (bonds) to your jawbone, ensuring that your implant is just as secure as your natural roots.

An excellent choice no matter how many teeth you need to replace

Dental implants aren't just used to replace single missing teeth. They're equally effective in replacing an entire section of teeth or even all of your teeth.

Unparalleled comfort

Discomfort can occur if your restoration doesn't fit well. Irritation and pain due to slipping is particularly common. Luckily, the problem is completely preventable with dental implants. Your dental implant provides a sturdy foundation for your crown, which prevents slipping and irritation when you chew.

A less expensive option

When you compare restoration options in Honolulu, it's important to include both short- and long-term costs in your comparison. Although dental implants may be more expensive now, they often offer the least expensive option when overall costs are considered. Implants usually don't need to ever be replaced, while you might need a new bridge or dentures every 10 to 15 years.

Better oral health

Dental implants protect your oral health by:

  • Preventing Jawbone Weakening: Your implants constantly stimulate your jawbone, helping you avoid this common consequence of tooth loss.
  • Keeping Your Teeth Straight: Your teeth won't shift and overlap when you replace missing teeth with an implant.
  • Decreasing Plaque Build Up: It's difficult to remove plaque from overlapping sections of your teeth. Implants prevent your teeth from overlapping, making it easier to remove cavity-causing plaque.

Fill the gap in your smile with dental implants. Call our Honolulu, HI, dentist, Dr. Yasuhara, at (808) 947-8900 to schedule an appointment.

By Ken Yasuhara, DDS - Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry
June 16, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out how same-day crowns work and how you could get this brand new restoration quickly.cerec, dental crowns

Going to the dentist isn’t always easy to fit into your schedule. Our Honolulu cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ken Yasuhara, is always happy when patients are able to come in for their routine cleanings, since we know how busy everyone is. Of course, your busy schedule should never get in the way of good oral health. If you need to get a dental crown, we offer a simple and fast way to get one without the wait.

Tell Me About CEREC Crowns

The dental crown you can now get through CEREC technology looks just the same as traditional crowns, the only difference is that you’ll get your crown in just one visit rather than coming back for multiple visits. This is certainly an ideal option for anyone who doesn’t relish the idea of coming in to the dentist more than they have to, which—let’s be honest—is everyone.

These crowns are still used to repair damaged teeth, boost strength, restore function and improve aesthetics; however, instead of using a dental lab to create your crown, our Honolulu dentist will make your crown right here in the office while you wait. We will even be able to determine the proper shade that will make this restoration blend in with the rest of your smile.

Getting CEREC Crowns

Getting a crown has never been easier thanks to CEREC technology. Now when you come into our office we can take the impressions we need of your teeth, design your crown, make it and even place it all in one visit. Here are the steps involved in getting CEREC crowns:

Step 1: Impressions are taken to measure your teeth so that we can create a crown that fits properly. Getting these impressions is simple thanks to a small handheld device that will take pictures of the tooth to get the precise measurements we need.

Step 2: These dental images will be uploaded onto the computer where our advanced CEREC software will turn these images into 3D renderings. These 3D images will allow us to design a crown that fits perfectly over your tooth.

Step 3: Once the crown has been designed, it’s time to make it come to life! We will choose the proper shade of porcelain and then place the porcelain block into the milling station. This machine will then chisel away the block to make your crown.

Step 4: Your crown is now complete and ready to be cemented into place over your tooth. You’ll leave our office with a completely restored smile.

Regardless of whether you have questions about CEREC crowns or you want to book a consultation, give our Honolulu dentist a call today to learn more. Getting proper dental care doesn’t have to be a long or drawn-out process when you choose CEREC.

By Ken Yasuhara, DDS - Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry
October 28, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Even with increased awareness of the dangers of gum disease, and greater access to preventive at home and professional dental care,dental implants some degree of tooth loss still affects millions of Americans every year. Although it is most commonly associated with aging, tooth loss can affect anyone at any time. Whether the result of periodontal disease or trauma, missing teeth can have a profound impact on our self-esteem, health and overall quality of life. But losing teeth no longer has to be a permanent condition, thanks to the development of dental implants.

Dr. Ken Yasuhara, you aesthetic and restorative dentist in Honolulu, HI, advises healthy adults with sufficient bone density in the gums to consider dental implants as a permanent solution for partial or full tooth loss.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Honolulu

What is the difference between dental implants and other restorative options like dentures, crowns and bridges? While dentures and other dental restorations have also benefited from improvements in dental technology and procedures in recent years, implants offer the closest design to a natural tooth, by replacing the root as well as the crown. Once it is implanted in the jaw, the implant fuses with the surrounding bone tissue, which permanently anchors it in place and helps to promote healthy tissue growth and stability in the gums. This helps to decrease the risk of potentially serious oral health problems like bacterial infections and inflammation.

When the implant heals, Dr. Yasuhara attaches the cosmetic crown to complete the restoration. Implants generally have a very high success rate, and function just like natural teeth, with no need to remove or secure the restoration in place with adhesives. Adults in good health who can commit to rigorous oral hygiene at home, and regular professional follow up appointments and treatments are usually good candidates for dental implants.

Find a Dentist in Honolulu

If you are missing one, a few, or all of your natural teeth, dental implants are the next best thing in dental restorations. For more information and to find out if you are eligible, contact the office of Ken Yasuhara, DDS Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry by calling (808) 947-8900 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yasuhara today.

By Ken Yasuhara, DDS – Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry
February 18, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out the best times to get dental crowns and bridges for your smile.

It can be tough to figure out which cosmetic restoration is right for your dental problems. But this is where your Honolulu, HI cosmetic dental crownsdentist Dr. Ken Yasuhara comes in. We can tell you the right times to consider getting dental crowns and bridges to improve your oral health.

When is a dental crown used?

This tooth-shaped cap is placed over the entire crown of your tooth to improve aesthetics, function or shape. After the tooth is properly prepared, the custom-made crown will be fitted and then cemented into place.

Your Honolulu dentist may recommend getting a dental crown if:

  • Your large filling is no longer stable enough to maintain your tooth’s structure
  • You have a weak tooth that is prone to further fractures, cracks or chips
  • You need to restore a tooth that has been damaged by infection, decay or trauma
  • You want to cover a severely discolored or malformed tooth
  • You need to cover a dental implant
  • You are getting a dental bridge (dental crowns are used to support the bridge and keep it in place)

When is a dental bridge the right choice?

We may recommend getting a dental bridge if you need to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge will also prevent the rest of your natural teeth from shifting out of place, which can increase your chances of developing gum disease or other issues like TMJ disorder.

There are two types of dental bridges: permanent ones and removable ones. Removable bridges are also known as partial dentures. Permanent bridges are cemented into place using two dental crowns. To get a permanent dental bridge you will need to have healthy adjacent teeth that can be prepared for dental crowns. A bridge consists of two dental crowns on either end with a false tooth in the middle. The bridge will need healthy natural teeth to support it.

Of course, we’ll want to make sure that you continue to keep your mouth healthy and free of gum disease or cavities once you get your new restoration. Ideal candidates will maintain good oral hygiene, will visit their general dentist in Honolulu regularly and will be dedicated to properly caring for their new restoration.

Turn to Ken Yasuhara Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry in Honolulu for all of your smile needs. From preventive care to smile makeovers, we do it all!